A collections of works we have executed with care and attention


Developing a complete portfolio of IT quality projects is all about creativity and determination. It requires viewing the options to solve one or more problems through a wide array of lenses, as well as evaluating both individual and system effects. It also requires using criteria tailored to the company at hand. Most of all, however, designing complex IT solutions requires hard work: the hard work of wrestling with data, making trade-offs, and making tough choices to drive the results.

In fact, in our view, management must be prepared to hold challenging, data-rich, iterative discussions about what to do (as well as what not to do) and must be supported by a complete IT solution. Because at the end of the day, good strategy is all about choices. And making the right choices is fundamental to sustaining growth and competitive advantage over the long term. We wanto to provide you with the best possible suite of tools to take data-driven, smart and effective actions.

Adecco Modis

We have worked together on various SME projects in Salesforce.com technology, the sectors were ranging over healthcare industry, manufactoring and e-commerce.


We had interesting cooperations in the Energy (Utilities) and Automotive sectors, aiming at providing smooth business processes.


Customer oriented solution for credit management.


As a technological partner we faced the challenges of mobile applications with off-line capabilities and plenty of CRM integrated features.


We have worked on tuning the initial user experience of this scenographic and organic t-shirt ecommerce.

Fondazione Ca Foscari

Partnering with Adecco Modis we realized a compact CRM solution to handle the contact of the University with the Entrepreneurial ecosystem.


Enuwa detailed all the sales and post sales processes and implemented them in Sfdc with CTI connection. Sfdc was connected to Magento to have a perfect alignement.

Adecco Outsourcing

We have realized a fast and effective healthcare CRM to handle nursing visits dispatchment and reporting.

Spektra Agri

Spektra Agri now supports all its salesforce with a mobile CRM available everywhere on the field.


Superstudio organizes and overviews all of its facilities for events in a single software having a complete view of the bookings in Salesforce.com.