About Us

Discover the story and the values behind our dynamic group

Mission and Vision

We want to build a world where efficiency and transparency are the pillars of every business process.

Technology is a tool to unlock business value, our mission is to use it to create the best solution for our clients.

We deliver our projects thanks to two simple capabilities:
Work hard in order to achieve the objectives
‣ Understand the global picture and then focus on the details

The name Enuwa comes from the ancient Chinese Goddess Nüwa, with cunning ideas and great efforts she patched the sky and saved the earth from floods and dragons. It is of inspiration because we want to achieve great results while resoluted and smart on our path.







Thomas and Klodjan met during their days at Deloitte Consulting, where they tackled the most ambitious Salesforce CRM projects in Europe at the time. Afterwards Thomas focused on the blockchain industry, started mining operations in 2014 and following up with various hacks and bitcoin related activities. Klodjan instead opened a software factory in Tirana where he trained young developers to the arts of Salesforce CRM. They've merged together to deliver the most advanced and efficient solutions to handle SME and Corporate Customer Journeys.

The founders Thomas and Michele build their first company, F&R, leveraging their technical expertiese. In the meanwhile they also build youmove.me a multimodal startup which nowadays is called Waynaut and has been acquried by lastminute.com.
The founder Klodjan creates B&TS in Tirana, with a handful of young and determined developers he creates a reality that is recognized as the quality developing solution for Salesforce CRM.
F&R and B&TS management merge together to create Enuwa. We are proud of the dual nature of our organization and the efficiency we can provide with it. Enuwa has Salesforce certified developers, expertiese in high-end Amazon Web Services architectures and a growing track record of successful projects.
Enuwa wants to be a reference in the IT solutions market in the consulting field with its innovative packages to boost IT operations.